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"Quantum Sobriety is the opportunity to leave behind your current reality and choose one where you are not addicted, unhappy, or struggling in any way. That is what is possible when you enter the quantum field, and my job is to show you how to get there"

Quantum Sobriety is the direct experience of someone like you. Someone who was once a hopeless addict. She spent her life aged 15 to 40 addicted to one of more substances at a time; she realised at 40 that she had never had a holiday sober, never experienced who she really was because she’d concealed herself her whole adult life. She gave up one addiction only to fill the gap with another substance, not understanding the game she was playing.

Then it all changed, Jo De Rosa began the journey inward, and got to know who she is underneath the many layers of addiction. Quantum Sobriety is her story, and the method that she used to become free.

"Jo De Rosa is the modern day Bill Wilson"
Online Programme Member

Underpinned by meditation, Buddhism and quantum physics yet delivered in an easy to understand and non-academic language, Quantum Sobriety is a template that will guide you step by step towards freedom.


"A life changing experience"


"I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to get off the merry-go-round of addiction and start a new life. I have."


We all fall somewhere on the addiction spectrum and whether that manifests as alcoholism or an angry tongue, it is created by unhealthy and destructive excess.

Quantum Sobriety addresses how we can overcome disharmony, primarily through meditation, to find balance and peace with ourselves.
The old beliefs around addiction were that you will remain chained to your old patterns, forever held back by your past. But now we know that when you enter the world of quantum possibilities you also arrive in a place of unlimited potentiality; somewhere that YOU decide your future; and empower yourself to live a life to maximise your potential.

Are you looking for freedom?

Would you like to be completely free of the urge to drink, smoke, shout, binge, and overindulge in whatever it is you use to cover up your true self?

Over the past two years Jo has been delivering the program underneath a different name in a five day residential retreat. This method works with all addiction and all imbalance including:

Alcohol, drugs, sugar, food, grief, anger, fear, sex, gambling, self-harm, cigarettes, marijuana etc…

With participants learning that freedom can also be theirs and lives being transformed, Jo wanted to extend the program to a wider audience. For how could she not share the secret to freedom with the world? For those that want it, freedom is a right. And it is here now for all to enjoy…

There are now different ways to learn this technique from Jo:

  • Five Day Residential Retreat
  • One Day Workshop
  • Online Course
  • Book

So no matter where in the world you are, there is now access to this method.
And it’s up to you, the only question being: are you ready for freedom in sobriety?

Online Programme

This ‘school of life’ programme runs for three years and we recommend you stay for at least one, as this is how long it is going to take to fully create a new habit and new life for yourself (seasons, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc). We suggest you commit to the years programme paying either in full up front, or in monthly instalments although you are free to leave and cancel your subscription at any time.

Jo will send out an email and video each month with the forthcoming months theme, meditation and worksheets. You will be added to the forum where the Quantum Sobriety team and community at large are there to support you in your journey, it’s very lively!

At the end of each month you will have the opportunity to join a live webinar, to ask Jo and the team questions directly. Perhaps there is something that you’d like to clarify about your practice, or check to make sure you are doing correctly. Jo also livestreams weekly into the private forum.

We will be working through a different theme and progressively removing the layers of beliefs and conditioning that have held you back until now; the decision to live differently. The choice to have the life that you’ve always dreamt of, because it is time.


£22 per month
Or one upfront payment of £257

If you think about how much wine costs as an example: you are going to spend at least £5.50 per week on a very cheap bottle! We really wanted to make the program affordable and with a commitment of one-year’s duration.
The combination of financial and mental pledge is going to give you an excellent start to the years commitment to the program.

Are Your Ready?

Set up your direct debit:
12 Monthly payments of £22
OR 1 One-off payment of £257  click here

One Day Workshops

Held at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre in the East of England three times a year, these workshops will give you an in-depth experience of Quantum Sobriety. Led by Jo and her team, the day includes meditations, discussion, and healthy lunch from Dominic De Rosa: head chef of the retreat centre and Jo’s husband.

2020 Dates:


Come to one or to them all
Book here

Overnight Stay:
There is the opportunity to stay at Inner Guidance on the Friday night, Saturday night, and also join the Cacao Ceremony on the Sunday if you would like make a whole weekend of it.
Book here

Residential Retreat

These Monday to Friday retreats have been running for over two years already with participants having countless breakthroughs and stating that their lives have been changed for ever. You are transported quite literally to another reality where you decide how you want your life to be. Being in this environment you get to truly know this YOU that you have decided to become, before going home and integrating yourself back into your ‘normal’ world.

The week has been carefully structured to support and empower with emphasis on nutrition, coaching, therapies, supplementation as well as daily motivation/yoga and meditation sessions. You will learn tons of techniques that you can take home with you to implement into your daily life, and make permanent changes. There are just five places available on each retreat.

2020 Dates:

  • Monday 23rd – Friday 27th March
  • Monday 27th April – Friday 1st May
  • Monday 22nd – Friday 26th June
  • Monday 20th – Friday 24th July
  • Monday 24th – Friday 28th August

The retreat is open to just five participants to ensure exclusivity
En suite rooms are stylish and comfortable, and the investment for this five day retreat is:
To include accommodation, food, one-to-one daily therapies, all group classes and 12 month membership to the online programme.

You will experience a contemporary luxury boutique hotel setting with a welcoming homely vibe. Enjoy blazing open fires, lie ins in your kingsize bed, and walks around the gardens and lake.
The house has had visits from Gandhi, Sir Winston Churchill, the King of Norway and other international figures within its interesting history, and holds a very positive and healing energy

Register your interest in the residential retreats here


To sustain sobriety we highly recommend you come back for a two or three night Mini-Retreat to stay on track and ‘top yourself up’. Sometimes the pressures of being at home, back to work, and into your ‘reality’ can suck you back towards the lure of your addiction. So for this reason we offer continued support after the full programme has been completed.

Equally if the full five day residential retreat is too much of a stretch for you, the Inner Guidance Mini-Retreat provides a more affordable option, however, please note that this retreat is not run solely by Quantum Sobriety so there is a mixture of Inner Guidance and Quantum Sobriety customers.

2020 Dates:

  • Monday 16th – Wednesday/Thursday 18th/19th March
  • Monday 6th – Wednesday/Thursday 8th/9th April
  • Monday 25th – Wednesday/Thursday 27th/28th May
  • Monday 15th – Wednesday/Thursday 17th/18th June
  • Monday 13th – Wednesday/Thursday 15th/16th July
  • Monday 3rd – Wednesday/Thursday 5th/6th August
  • Monday 14th – Wednesday/Thursday 16th/17th September


From £347 inclusive of en suite accommodation, meals, all group classes and use of the swimming pool and hot tub.


One-to-one therapies are available at an extra charge:
Monday: Quantum Coaching with Jo De Rosa £97
Tuesday: Quantum Healing with Carol Barrett £67
Wednesday: Biodynamic Psychotherapy with Anni Meehan £67

You can book your session directly with the therapist/online once you have confirmed your place on the retreat, plus Carol and Anni also offer online sessions: click here for more information.

Book your Mini Retreat here

Diamond Package

For those who are drawn to all aspects of the Quantum Sobriety program, you can get the whole package. This one-year Diamond Package gives you personalised support throughout the whole of your first year of sobriety, for those that would like a little extra attention.
Access to:

  • The Online Program for 12 months
  • The Five Day Residential Retreat
  • Three two-day mini-retreat ‘top ups’ with sessions from Jo, Anni and Carol included

Inclusive Annual Cost: £4,497*
*you get a full 12 month online membership free
Payment plans for the Diamond Package available on request

Register your interest in the Diamond package here


For all the latest information about this program you can sign up to the Quantum Sobriety newsletter here


For all the latest information about this program you can sign up to the Quantum Sobriety newsletter here


The addiction program has been running at Inner Guidance for over two years now, first under the name of Yoga For Addictions and then more recently as Control Addiction.

Here is what a previous retreatant had to say about their experience:

"This was one of the hardest but rewarding decisions I have ever made, but very glad I did, as the content of my time spent at the Retreat has changed my life for the better and for those around me. I now understand what is meant by addiction and have the tools to handle mine. My time spent with you and your team of experts, in a friendly, calm and positive energy has made an enormous difference. My highlight of the week was knowing I had gained the strength and knowledge to be able to carry on and create a better future. I'd like to say thanks Jo to you and your team for all your support and follow up on my well being. Love to you all."

Here is what another previous retreatant had to say about the program:

"I can't really put into words how grateful i am for what you have taught me. Jo is so inspiring, down to earth and focused. She is living proof that you can overcome addiction and create an amazing life. This experience has been so healing thanks for everything!"

A testimony from the mother of a participant:

"I don't know what you did to him but thank you, i've got my son back"

And here is the testimonial from the daughter of one of our participants:

"From the moment I spoke to Jo (following a chance meeting at a two day conference) I had the feeling that she would be perfect to support my father in gaining insight into his alcohol addiction. We arranged to meet her at her stunning retreat venue and as I suspected, Dad and Jo got on brilliantly and the house was so restful, I was able to tap into the sense of calm I felt there long after we left. Having been in Dad's situation and come out the other side, Jo is the perfect person to share the techniques she has used to kick her addictions and feel excited about life once more. The house is the perfect peaceful setting in which to unplug and get connected to what's really important in life. I have some understanding of what occurred during the five days Dad was in the company of Jo, her husband and her wonderful team of healers, the rest is beyond words and nothing short of a miracle. I dropped off a man who was exhausted, confused, frustrated and addicted to alcohol and all the wrong foods and thought patterns. I collected my father; the strong, focused and connected man I remembered from childhood. None of us knew what to expect, Dad included, and I am in awe of his bravery in taking this enormous step to chance his life after 20 years addicted to alcohol. The result is more than any of us dared to dream of: he has been dry for three weeks now and his resolve in embracing his new lifestyle is inspirational. Jo, we cannot thank you enough. You have given us back the man we love so dearly and that is priceless. For anyone wondering if they should book a space on one of Jo's retreats for addicts, DO IT: there is your life before this retreat and your life afterwards."

Creator of the Quantum Sobriety Program

Your host and creator of the program is Jo De Rosa, who has struggled through addictions to alcohol and drugs over the past 25 years. Jo changed her lifestyle and abolished negative addictions with the help of meditation, yoga, coaching and nutrition, and is excited to share all that she has learnt with the participants who have decided that today is the day to make a stand to leave behind limitation, and embrace life to the full.

And here is the testimonial from the daughter of one of our participants:

"It is hard when you are caught up in the middle of an addiction to see how it could be on the other side. This five day program will do just that, and allow the retreatant a glimpse of themselves without the burden of having to conform to what they have always done, what society expects of them, or have just fallen into. We all have the potential for happiness, success and inner peace and this retreat will give you some insight into your own unlimited potential."

Jo De Rosa
Candles in the Yoga Room
Candles in the Yoga Room

Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Anni Meehan is a Biodynamic Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Passion for life Coach, and has been working with Inner Guidance for 3 years now.

The Biodynamic approach integrates anatomy, physiology and psychology combined with hands on Biodynamic massage to help relieve physical and mental symptoms in acute and chronic conditions. If there is something on your mind, it could affect you physically; if you’re in physical discomfort, it may affect your thoughts, moods and general appetite for life.

This approach embraces body, mind, spirit and can equip you with some easy tools to get the best out of life and help you to become ‘conscious’ of your own ability to heal.

Find out more at: www.annimeehanhealth.co.uk
Email: anni@annimeehanhealth.co.uk
Call: +44 (0) 7880 948498

Anni Meehan
Anni Meehan

Quantum Healing

Carol is a qualified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, but Healing is her passion! She is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and channels ‘Quantum’ Healing. Carol works intuitively and knows exactly what treatment you need- even if you don’t!

When people come on retreat at Inner Guidance, they ‘think’ they need a massage, but actually what most people need is healing! When you hold tension in your body it usually stems from an emotional issue. Receiving healing helps your body release any negativity you have been holding onto, very often from a past trauma or experience. Whatever treatment you choose, Carol will always use healing as part of the session to balance your mind, body and spirit.

Contact Carol:

Phone:  +44(0)7813 430783

Email:    carol4barrett@btinternet.com8

Carol Barrett

Call 01787 249798 to chat to Jo or Dominic
Or email questions and book your place at: info@quantumsobriety.com

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Terms & Conditions

By paying your deposit/full balance you agree to our terms and conditions:

Payment Terms

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required on booking to secure your place/date. Subject to availability. Payment in full is required 8 weeks before the start of the retreat. You will be emailed a reminder. It is also possible to pay in full at the time of booking via the website: you can pay by debit/credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

Cancellation Terms
All deposits are non-refundable, but changeable to another date if your original date gets rebooked. Likewise with the remaining balance which can only be refunded 8 weeks or more before the retreat, which allows us time to offer your place to someone else. If we are not able to rebook your place, unfortunately we are unable to give you a refund.