Anni Meehan

Anni Meehan

Anni Meehan

Anni Meehan, Biodynamic Psychotherapist (Body/Mind)


I am passionate about optimum health.  Consequently, I can help if you are in some kind of physical pain by applying Biodynamic massage methods (i.e. working on the physical level). Equally if you are anxious, depressed or suffering mental / emotional or spiritual distress, we employ talking therapy.


Orthodox medicine tends to work on the binary level i.e. the problem is either physical or mental.  The Biodynamic approach recognises the relationship between mind, body and spirit to treat you as an integrated being.  So, if there is something on your mind it may be affecting you physically. Equally, if you are in physical pain it may affect your mental and emotional wellbeing.


Optimum health is about your relationship with yourself, family, friends and the wider social and cultural community in which you live.  It’s about food, fitness, lifestyle and career, and as we know any one of those can get into disrepair at any time.  Life is for Living, but if you get stuck along the way and need a little assistance or repair I’d be delighted to help you.


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