It is with great excitement that I can announce a complete shake-up of how I will be teaching from June 2012.

Between Christmas and New Year i sat down and updated my vision board.
On it i decided i would like to work with people on a deeper level through day-long workshops and weekend/week-long retreats.
I’m finding it increasingly difficult to teach for just an hour as it feels like we are just scratching the surface, and not really getting into the practice in any meaningful detail.
Yoga is a lifestyle with branches of: meditation; attitude; wellbeing; diet etc…’s not just an exercise but a whole way of being.
-The whole package, which can only be done over the course of a day…..weekend….week xxx

In January an old friend from Thailand contacted me about a new project she is developing in Somerset.
Gill created The Sanctuary in Koh Phangan 15 years ago and has helped 1000′s of people through the detox and fasting experience.
Now she is duplicating this experience in the UK within the 23 acres of grounds at the stunning Sparkford Hall, and has asked me to run it for her.
This is an incredibly intense journey of colonic irrigation and no food for 7 days, with yoga and meditation (among other things) to support you through this transformative process.
I’m so excited to be part of this exciting project and hope that some of you will give fasting a try!!!
Please visit the website:  and ask me whatever you want about fasting when you next see me!!

I will be away for 8 days every month to host these retreats meaning i am giving up all my weekly classes in gyms and schools at the end of May.
However i will continue to teach my private and semi-private classes at Inner Guidance studio on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 3 weeks in every 4.
I will add extra classes on these days so that there is still an opportunity to work with me regularly, with morning, lunchtime and evening classes on the timetable.
I’m in the process of designing a booking page on the website so that you can see when i’m teaching and book yourself onto your favourite class.

Change is one thing that is guaranteed in life.
It’s good to embrace change and allow your experience to grow and flourish, rather than stay the same and become stagnant.
Getting out of your comfort zone is when massive growth occurs, and gives us the opportunity to leap to the next level!
I hope you will enjoy the new teachers that will replace me in the gyms i’m currently working in, or come to my classes/workshops at Inner Guidance Studio and continue our journey together : )