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Jo De Rosa's First Book - If You Could Have Anything...What Would It Be?“If You Could Have Anything….What Would It Be”

Have you ever been unhappy and not felt content in your job or relationship? Perhaps you struggle with an addiction to cigarettes, drugs or alcohol?

Follow the journey of 5 characters who are just like you. They have the same struggles, problems and challenges that you face. Read how they have overcome some of life’s difficulties and be inspired by their stories –perhaps you too could get unstuck.

“Jo brilliantly captures the essence of yoga in this book. She understands how yoga can provide strength and comfort not just physically, but in all corners of our lives”
Martin Clark, Editor of Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine

“Jo doesn’t only walk her talk, she talks her walk. She has genuinely integrated her spiritual practice with her daily life nd work. This is one of the reasons her work continues to go from strength to strength. It is a joy to witness”
Vena Ramphal, Passion Coach and Philosopher of Romance and Erotic Pleasure


Jo De Rosa's First Book - If You Could Have Anything...What Would It Be?


This is the second edition, printed in March 2017

The book was originally launched in 2012 and published in Canada through Influence Publishing.

You can purchase the book via our website and have the author sign your book by CLICKING HERE, or via kindle and paperback on Amazon: HERE

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