Trust Is The Currency Of The Spiritual Path

As we step into a new age we have to expect to not only act, speak and feel differently, but to begin to create new ways of being in the world. One of these is realising that financial gain or celebrity status no longer resonates as ‘successful’, and you’ll begin to see many step away […]

It’s December – How Does That Make You Feel? 🎅

You cannot deny it, Christmas is coming. And with it comes parties, celebrations, stress, family and tons of shopping. This can be a hugely anxious time for those new to or struggling with a sober life as we get bombarded from every direction it seems by the lure of party food and booze. Should you […]

What Is Your Word For Next Year?

For the last few years I have had a word for the yearA word that has acted as gatekeeperNothing passing into any area of my life unless it has passed through the conciergeHolding the vibration of who I really amRather than who I have been thus far In 2017 the word was ‘lightness’As I began […]

The How Is In The Head

There is a stumbling block that many get stuck at. You wake up to a dream that you have, and begin to follow the breadcrumb trail of energy towards its manifestation. You try it on for size, feeling into this new vibration and liking what you find. What next? This is when it can get […]

💰10 Years Ago Today I Went Bankrupt💰

The 9th of September will never be the same again as this time ten years ago at 9am on 09-09-09 I went bankrupt and was a hungover debt-ridden mess. I’d taught my meditation class the night before, thinking the whole way through how I was going to run into the supermarket afterwards and buy wine so that I […]

✨Embodying Blissful Infinity✨

I had an out of body experience when I was sixLittle did I know that it would take me 41 years to realise what it meantAnd now that I do, my life will never be the same again When this happened to me I had absolutely no idea what it wasI couldn’t talk to anyone […]

The Slippery Slope

I’ve been here beforeWatching the slideWatched myself give increasingly generous excuses to be sloppy, greedy, and step back into my old reality. It’s like I slowly descend into my past, perhaps not quite believing I can make this shift, and watch as I begin to drown in limitation. And it’s okFor this is all happening from an […]