Coaching Workshop

An Introduction to Coaching and Vision Boards


Saturday 1st June 2013

10am to 12.30pm


Jo is going to guide you through how to set up a vision board, and how to design your dream life!

Jo herself has been creating vision boards for the past 6 years and has some pretty impressive evidence of their success to show you. They are a fantastic way of setting goals and sticking to them, and Jo will steer you towards achieving those dreams.

Paper and magazines will be provided to get things started, and by the end of the workshop you will have started your vision board to take home and develop further.

There will also be a discussion on the coaching process -what the sessions involve and an insight into how powerfully they work.

Jo is an enthusiastic raw food ‘cook’, and will be sharing her latest creations with you during the session. Pick up some healthy tips and recipes to take back home!

There is an investment of just £25* for this workshop, and only 6 spaces available.
*Introductory price for a limited period

Welcome to Heaven!

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