is coaching for you?

Jo De Rosa

Jo De Rosa

Ask yourself these questions now:

Coaching is an amazing tool, which gives you direction when you are feeling lost and maintains it by setting goals and tasks to get you where you want to be.

The first question Jo will ask you is ‘what do you want?’, which for some is an easy question to answer, and for others is more of a challenge.

Jo will guide you through asking yourself the right questions about your direction, the vision board process, and how to set yourself on the right path.

She will ensure you leave the session feeling excited about having new insight into how to get going on the correct track, and a list of things to do to get you there.

What To Expect

The first session lasts 60 minutes and begins with a chat about which area you feel blocked in.  Jo will get a sense of where to start, ask relevant questions, and already you will begin to get clarity and write some things down.

Then there will be a meditation, and it is on the closure of this meditation that the answers you are looking for will quite literally be flowing onto your paper in the form of ideas, inspiration and motivation to get started. Hopefully you can write quickly!


A coaching session with Jo is especially helpful when wanting to move beyond a destructive addiction. Jo will guide you within yourself, where you can find your inner connection, and strength to leave behind negative patterns.

Follow Up

Follow up sessions are highly recommended, and come in the format of more one hour sessions, or shorter 30 minute meetings. When you have a series of sessions booked you become more accountable and see changes more rapidly.


Coaching sessions are held at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, or conducted via Skype or on the phone.


Please email for more information and CLICK HERE to book a session.

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