Inner Guidance Retreat Centre Coronavirus Covid-19 Policy

We are following UK government guidelines and will update our policy as information changes.
For more information and advice on Covid-19 from the NHS click here

Thank you for your love at this most challenging time; your emails and words of encouragement and support mean more to us that you will ever know. 
As a venue who has been closed by the government, through no will of our own, the retreat centres income came to an instant and complete halt. Bills are mounting up, and with no prospect of when we will be able to open again it is scary.
But still the support comes 
And again we are reminded of how special this community is 
So this message is dedicated to you; we’ll get through this together; we’ll reorganise your event/retreat on the other side of this, when it is responsible and safe to do so; and by staying side-by-side we will come through into ‘the new world’ stronger than ever. So much love to you  Jo, Dominic and Paul 


CURRENT SITUATION as of 17th April 2020:

Following the governments announcement yesterday that the current lockdown measures will be in place for at least another three weeks, our position remains the same; that we will rebook events/retreats (that cannot be delivered online) once it is safe to do so. As soon as we are given the go ahead to socialise again by the government, we will contact you to reschedule your booking. 

For all 2020 bookings: 

  1. We do not know when the global pandemic will pass and when, therefore, events/retreats will resume as normal
  2. It is not responsible of us to give new dates yet, until we are directed by government advice as to when that will be
  3. Once the government advise UK citizens that is is safe once again to socialise, we will contact you to reschedule your booking
  4. Your event/retreat will go ahead as normal if its date is after the lockdown is lifted/social distancing rules are relaxed
  5. Due to so many circumstances beyond our control, we do not know if the retreat centre will survive the pandemic. Your understanding, support and compassion is greatly appreciated during this impossible (for all) situation


CURRENT SITUATION as of 14th April 2020

We are taking this ‘lockdown’ period to slow down and look within; self-care and our spiritual practice has never been so important. With no planes in the skies, not as many cars on the road and no guests in the house, there is a silence and space that demands our respect and attention.

We feel great empathy for everyone that has booked retreats and events with us. As a venue we have been closed by the government, and have followed government guidelines throughout this crisis as safety for everyone is, of course, the priority. This is such a heart-breaking and stressful time, and we must all protect our mental health by connecting to the fear and grief that cv is bringing up for us individually and collectively; and dealing with it in our own ways.

Right now we are unable to give you any information for your retreat/event for these reasons: 

  1. We do not know when the global pandemic will pass and when, therefore, the government advise UK citizens that it is safe once again to socialise
  2. We do not know if the retreat centre will survive the coronavirus

Your retreat will go ahead as normal if the date is after the lockdown has been lifted.
If your retreat has had to be postponed whilst under lockdown it will be rebooked later in the year; as soon as we get further clarification around the date of the lockdown being lifted, we will be in touch to organise a new date.

With such uncertain times ahead and a global pandemic that nobody could ever have foreseen, we all find ourselves facing an unprecedented situation. Nobody knows what the coming days, weeks and months have in store for us. It’s important to drop into our hearts and stabilise a state of love, trust and compassion; we’re all in this together.

CURRENT SITUATION as of 23rd March 2020:

Following the Prime Ministers announcement today for the ‘lockdown’ of the UK for the next three weeks, we wish to send love and support to all of our customers at this difficult time. Take care, stay safe, look after yourself and we’ll see you on the other side. For those that wish to stay in touch we now have classes online, and you can contact us via email and on social media.

CURRENT SITUATION as of 20th March 2020:

Following the Prime Ministers announcement today for pubs, cafes, nightclubs, bars, theatres, restaurants, leisure centres, gyms, and other such social venues to close tonight for an indefinite period, which will be reviewed monthly, we have in effect been closed by the government.

CURRENT SITUATION as of 16th March 2020:

Following the Prime Ministers announcement today recommending we cease all non essential contact and non essential travel in the UK, our meditation and yoga classes will now be conducted online only, and retreats put on hold.

CURRENT SITUATION as of 13th March 2020:

Please do not visit if you are experiencing any of the coronavirus symptoms, namely:

1)    Fever

2)    Cough

3)    Breathing difficulties

4)    Or if you have been around anyone suspected of having coronavirus

5)    Or if you have been abroad in an area with a high number of coronavirus cases


Please follow the following precautions if coming to Inner Guidance:

1)    Bring your own yoga / meditation props wherever possible, and a blanket/towel to place over any of our props that you wish to use. If you do not bring your own blanket/towel then you will be asked not to use our props

2)    Wash your hands immediately on arrival with the solution provided

3)    We will not be offering eye pillow use until further notice

4)    Be mindful of not getting too close to other class / group participants

Thank you for your cooperation
The Inner Guidance team

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Terms & Conditions

By paying your deposit/full balance you agree to our terms and conditions:

Payment Terms

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required on booking to secure your place/date. Subject to availability. Payment in full is required 8 weeks before the start of the retreat. You will be emailed a reminder. It is also possible to pay in full at the time of booking via the website: you can pay by debit/credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

Cancellation Terms
All deposits are non-refundable, but changeable to another date if your original date gets rebooked. Likewise with the remaining balance which can only be refunded 8 weeks or more before the retreat, which allows us time to offer your place to someone else. If we are not able to rebook your place, unfortunately we are unable to give you a refund.