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Ask The Monk: Love And The Quantum

with Trinley, Jo and Dom

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  • 1st Dec 2019 - 1st Dec 2019
Talk, lunch and cacao ceremony Jo and Dominic are delighted to announce that Trinley, a monk from Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland will be spending the day at Inner Guidance and giving a talk on Love and the Quantum. Saturday 4th June 10am to 4pm

Full Details

Jo met Trinley nearly 10 years ago in Scotland when she first became a Tibetan Buddhist and the two discovered they both have a passion for the quantum world this February. Each time she told someone about the book she was at the monastery to write, everyone would say,

“Oh you should speak to Trinley, he’s into that too”

So the pair spent a few afternoons talking it through, how Buddhism and the quantum are beautifully linked (as Jo has been writing about a lot recently), and an invitation was made for Trinley to share his extensive knowledge and wisdom on the subject.

About Trinley

Trinley lives at Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery has been a monk for 15 years and has devoted his whole life to this way of living. He knew from an early age that this life was to be a life time following a wide range of spiritual paths, which has led him to become a Buddhist monk and finally to study Quantum physics at the Quantum University, Honolulu (www.iquim.org), and its relationship with spiritual life.

Trinley prefers to engage the audience in the topic under discussion. We will start with a look at the fable of the “Sun and North wind.” From here onwards anything can happen.

Past discussions have led us to consider:

  • Why the Native Americans are so close to nature; and how they helped the early settlers, only to end up fighting for their way of life
  • Why the natives of the rain forests have no understanding of cancer
  • Why the peoples of the West live in negativity and fear
  • How physics and quantum physics managed to understand the six days of creation in the book of Genesis

The purpose is to take us all out of our safety zone, giving us new ideas to contemplate and work with, leading us to a more positive way of life.

All he asks is that you are open-minded and remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question –  the only stupidity is not asking the question at all.

The Details

Please join us for a day of drinking ceremonial grade cacao (which connects us to the heart), eating healthy food, enjoying amazing company, and having a totally unique experience.

Saturday 4th June
10am to 4pm

Accommodation available. Click here to stay at Inner Guidance on the Friday night and/or Saturday night

£57 includes the talk, the cacao ceremony and two course lunch.


Email: info@innerguidance.co.uk
Tel: 01787 249798