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Dynamic Yoga

with Lesley Chisick

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    The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a unique approach to Yoga Posture Practice, using movement as the most reliable way to cultivate the neuromuscular pathways of the body. Rather than emphasizing on what you can do (in terms of flexibility, alignment, strength or concentration) it concentrates on what you can FEEL.

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    Lesley has been teaching Yoga for 12 years & trained in the Dynamic Yoga Method by an amazing teacher Godfrey Devereux.

    During the weekend retreat we will become more intimate with the sensations of our body, mind & consciousness & take us deeper into understanding who & what we are, in the beautiful surroundings of Inner Guidance which offer peace & tranquility.

    And with a fresh healthy diet being provided by Dominic we’ll go home feeling relaxed, energized & revitalised.

    Contact Lesley:
    Email: dynamicyoga.pilates@yahoo.co.uk
    Tel:  07974 715562