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Spring Yoga Retreat

with Vera Dubrovina

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    Connect to the calm and tranquillity of the retreat settings in a beautiful country side through deepening of your yoga experience. Use this rare opportunity to escape the demands of daily lives to rejuvenate your body with dynamic yoga practices, rest your mind through immersion into meditation and yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and find stillness within to allow you to be present in every moment.

    Full Details

    4pm Friday 26th April – 4pm Sunday 28th April

    The focus for this retreat is spring rejuvenation and renewal practices. Retreat is open to all levels of practitioners. There will be over ten hours of tuition during the weekend including two daily dynamic sessions, meditation and deep relaxation practices. You will have a chance to explore beautiful Suffolk countryside, walk in spiritual labyrinth, have a massage treatment and enjoy delicious vegan meals (free from preservatives, wheat, gluten, sugar and dairy). The retreats are held in small group settings (10-12 participants) so booking early is essential.

    Typical three day retreat schedule:

    Feedback from previous retreats: I have attended Vera’s retreats several times and she is an extraordinary teacher, who brings a unique passion and attentiveness to her students.  Her touch and inspiration remains with you for a long time.  She also has an infectious sense of humour and is oodles of fun.


    Retreat’s teacher:     

    Vera has been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching from 2004. She holds teaching diplomas from British Wheel of Yoga, Birthlight and Yoga Therapy. Her creative approach is drawing on many traditions but heavily influenced and inspired by the teachings arising from Sri Krishnamacharya’s lineage such as Viniyoga, Iyengar and Ashtanga. Her lessons are guided by her studies with Sylviane Gianina, Burgs and Shiva Rea, structured around meditative flow based practice and tuned to the individual needs.


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