Together we will enter a 4 day shamanic journey into the womb of creation, the hidden shadow realm that we sometimes dare not enter until we realise that it is and has always been filled with pure vibrant creativity and unconditional love.

She allows everything inside our wombs, that is not love to descend into the void in order to rebirth.

Embracing the darkness does not mean that we will become the darkness. It is a chance to heal our pain and nurse our wounds so that we can recover our true essence and liberate ourselves to rise up out of the ashes and rebirth ourselves back into the world restored and renewed.  Join us to celebrate the magic of womb-manhood, she who is one with our great mother Gaia, she who speaks to the mountains, the waters, the plants and animals, effortlessly accessing the realm of spirit. Empower your dark goddess by giving her permission to bring down the sword of truth onto anything and everything that no longer serves you.

Look deep into your own reflection and make friends with all your hidden aspects so that you can be free from guilt, shame and stored karma ! Say goodbye to unhealthy thoughts about yourself that are sabotaging your success. Let your wrath be heard and your souls song be sung in the presence of your female tribe.

Gather like our ancestors did when in ‘moon lodge’ and sink into deep and profound prayer under the stars in the arms of the mother.

Fall in love with the powerful warrior spirit inside of you that dances with wolves and howls at the moon. Serenade your sisterhood with your honesty and presence as we hold hands and leap into the next dimension of our personal perfectly imperfect paths.

You will experience

-Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

-Serpent Healing Ceremony with live serpents


-Inner Child Work with Cacao

-Shamanic Fire Ceremony

-Sweat lodge

-Cleansing Rituals & Temple Dance

-Sound Healing and Medicine Songs

-Shamanic Journeying

-Three vegan meals daily

-Luxury accommodation

-Hot tub & pool

-Walking meditation

-Goddess activation

-(Sweat Lodge)/ Moon Lodge with Shaman Ali Ansari aka Running Wolf

Shaman and keeper of Native American Knowledge Ali Ansari aka Running Wolf from Germany will hold the Moon Lodge for us on Saturday night.

Ali comes from a matriarchal upbringing in Persia & Germany with both his beloved mother and grandmother and has deep respect for the sacred feminine. He has been especially trained to work with women in sacred Moon Lodge and has many years of experience.”I am sure that the sacred fire will reflect the unique medicine and ancient healing arts of the women gathering at the Inner Guidance Retreat Centre in May.” – Ali Ansari




Cost: £650 all included sharing a double/twin room

Early bird before 29.02. £595.

You can pay a non-refundable deposit of £250 to secure your place.



Please email for more info and to book your place