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The Juice Fast

with Dominic and Jo De Rosa

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    DETOX | EDUCATE | RESET: January is the perfect time to press the reset button and clear your system physically, mentally and emotionally. You’ll be drinking delicious freshly prepared juices, learning how to make some simple changes in your diet that will have a big impact on your health, have a session with one of our therapists, group nutrition classes, an evening sound bath, and enjoy daily classes of yoga and meditation. 

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    We all know what we should be eating
    We all know what we should be drinking
    So why don’t we? 

    Why do we systematically continue to consume highly processed foods full of sugar, (the bad) fat, salt and believe, and even say, that we are ‘treating’ ourselves and our families when we eat fast food. If you are ready to put these outdated beliefs to bed and would like to replace them with information as to how to have more energy, clearer skin, lower stress, and razor sharp concentration then this is what this particular retreat offers.  

    This four day retreat will act as an ideal springboard to alkalise your system and take your health to the next level, and is led by Jo and Dominic De Rosa. Jo first began her detox journey in 2000 in Thailand where she learnt how to safely fast, prepare raw foods, and experience colonic irrigation. In 2006 Jo became General Manager of a detox centre and since then has enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others. Dominic is head chef at Inner Guidance, growing as much of the produce as possible that you will be consuming in liquid form. Dominic prides himself in guiding those that are ready onto a healthy and exciting plant based food path. 

    This retreat is for: 

    Detox Your Body – Fresh raw fruit and veggie juices & yoga classes
    Detox Your Mind – Daily meditation
    Detox Your Emotions – A session with our therapist
    Detox Your Skin – Daily skin brushing & sweat lodge (soon to be built!)


    3pm arrive
    5pm restorative yoga
    7pm dinner juice and introductory talk

    9am cacao ceremony
    9.30am meditation
    11am breakfast juice
    Treatments throughout the afternoon
    2pm lunch juice
    5pm hatha yoga
    7pm dinner juice and evening talk/movie

    9.30am cacao ceremony
    10am alignment yoga
    11.30am breakfast juice
    Treatments throughout the afternoon
    2pm lunch juice
    5pm afternoon talk
    7pm dinner juice
    7.45pm gong wash

    9.30am meditation
    10.30am breakfast juice
    11am in the kitchen
    12noon breaking your fast lunch
    1pm departures


    There is a maximum of 10 people on each retreat
    Three en suite rooms available with the remaining two suites having two bedrooms sharing one bathroom each


    £888 En Suite Single Occupancy
    Add a further £200 surcharge for an additional person: twin/double
    £777  Own Room Shared Bathroom (single occupancy only)


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