Jack is a double aspect room throwing in tons of light and brightening up your day. Ideal for those sun seekers who must fill their lives with light….

The ‘Rooms With A View’ duo are in the new part of the house so there are no beams, fireplaces, or ghosts here: just huge windows with views across the valley, gardens, horses, and can you spot the lake down there just beyond the paddock?

It only takes 10 minutes to walk to and around the lake, so even if you’re planning a super-lazy stay there’s no excuse to miss seeing the lake!

Choose between twin or double set-up, as with all of the other bedrooms just let us know who’s coming and how you would like the room organised.

Jack has a huge comfy armchair to sink into with a cup of herbal tea and your favourite book: we recommend Jo’s own first published novel ‘If You Could Have Anything…What Would It Be?’

Jack and Jill share a huge bathroom with a divine sunken bath (shower also) for you to soak and turn into a prune, during the downtime of your retreat program.

NB that during Inner Guidance in-house retreats (Mid-Week Mini-Retreat and Next Level Living Retreat) only one of these rooms will be in operation and your room will therefore be en suite.

For our Mid-Week Mini-Retreats availability and to make a booking:


For a list of our full weekend courses run by the Inner Guidance team and other national and international teachers and mentors:

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