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with Jo De Rosa

Meditation can literally change your life! This is Jo’s experience and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and getting everyone meditating. Jo is recently feeling a withdrawal from her physical yoga practice as it becomes clearer to her that it is in fact meditation, and the work with the mind, that brings about expansion and transformation. And it is Jo’s wish to offer her meditation sessions in person in a class or retreat, plus online via her downloads and online courses.
Now it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, it is possible to meditate with Jo!


Tuesday Morning Meditation Class

Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, Lavenham, Suffolk
Tuesday 9.30am-10am.
£7 per class or £27 for 4 weeks & £54 for an 8 week course. It’s great to commit to either 4 or 8 weeks of classes to give your practice a really good start.

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Tuesday Morning Cacao Ceremony

Jo and Dom are delighted to now be offering a cacao ceremony on Tuesdays! With their work with the Chocolate Shaman over the last couple of years, and the powerful facilitator that his ceremonial grade cacao is, it seemed only fair to share it with you….
Tuesdays 9am

Meditation Download

Download a meditation class today. Get instant access! There is no need to wait to start your meditation practice. Suitable for anyone wishing to be happier, healthier and more at peace with themselves and the world. Its important to have a regular -if possible daily- practice, and these downloads will help you to create this new healthy habit which only needs to be 5-10 minutes per day in the beginning. The 5 meditations on CD1 range from 5 to 21 minutes meaning no matter how much or how little time you have for your practice, there is a track for you. Makes a great gift for yourself, or someone you think would like to learn techniques to de-stress and cope with life better. Enjoy!
These are the 5 meditations:

1. Breath Support
2. Responsibility
3. Ocean
4. Acceptance
5. Chakras

Beginning Your Practice at Home. MP3 download £10

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Deepening Your Practice at Home

This next download is the second in the series, and compliments the first as it features two 30 minute meditations:
1. The Body Scan
2. Breath Support

Deepening Your Practice at Home. MP3 download £10

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Online Meditation Course

You can also sign up to Jo’s Online Meditation Course and receive a 30 minute meditation into your inbox each week for 10 weeks. For £27 the course provides you with a range of meditations to help create a new positive habit of meditating at home. With a daily practice of just five or ten minutes per day, you will notice huge positive shifts in all areas of your life. Learn how to become stress-free!
Click here to sign up.

Regular Gong Wash Sessions

The Gong bathes the body in sound, and transmits a very deep and lasting massage of sound with the usual result being the person being Gonged feels very calm, relaxed and de-stressed, and often goes into a state of meditation automatically where healing can more readily occur. The Gong Wash is experienced sitting or lying down on your back, receiving the sound vibration of the Gong as it is played moving through the nervous system -opening, clearing and recharging the body physically, mentally and emotionally. Negativity disappears and the whole body is reset to a state of synchrony, alignment and peace.

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The Benefits of Meditation (sometimes known as Mindfulness)

Meditation makes you happy, and happiness is our ultimate goal. We find peace within ourselves and find it easier to cope with all that life throws at us! Our relationships become enriched, we experience more gratitude, and life just becomes more enjoyable!

The facts:

Neuroscientists have found that meditators shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex – brain waves in the stress-prone right frontal cortex move to the calmer left frontal cortex. This mental shift decreases the negative effects of stress, mild depression, anxiety, and fear.

Over the past 40 years, dozens of universities in the USA, Europe and India have conducted hundreds of studies on the effects of meditation on human physiology and behaviour. The research results point to meditation as producing benefits on many levels of life simultaneously – body, emotions, mental functioning, and relationships.

Here is a summary of research findings from the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School:

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

1. How Can I Find the Time to Meditate?
The great thing about meditation is that it doesn’t really take all that much time. As soon as you pick up the basics, you can begin by practicing for five or ten minutes each day. Whatever time slot works best for you, the most important thing is to meditate regularly — every day if possible.

2. I Can’t Sit on the Floor and Cross My Legs — Can I Meditate Lying Down or Sitting in a Chair Instead?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, traditional meditation postures include sitting, standing, walking, lying down, and even moving. Basically, any position that you can comfortably sustain is appropriate for meditation. Of course, lying down has its downside (so to speak): You’re more likely to fall asleep!

3. What Should I Do about the Restlessness I Feel When I Try to Meditate?
Everyone experiences agitation or discomfort in his or her meditation from time to time — or even often.
When you stop your busy life for a few minutes and sit quietly, you may suddenly notice all the nervous energy and frenzied thinking that have been stressing you out all along. Though this process may not be an easy one, it has broad implications because it teaches you the resilience and peace of mind to accept unavoidable difficulties in every area of your life.

4. What Should I Do if I Keep Falling Asleep while I Meditate?
Sleepiness is a common roadblock on the journey of meditation. You can try opening your eyes wide and sitting up as straight as possible to rouse your energy

5. How Can I Tell if I’m Meditating the Right Way?
If you feel happier in yourself then your meditation practice is working. We don’t practice meditation to just be good at meditation –we practice because it has a positive effect on everything that we do, say and think.

I hope this information has been helpful. Once you have established a daily home practice you will feel less stressed and more at home in your own body and mind. Start with just 5 minutes per day! Inner happiness and peace of mind are what all of us strive for, and through meditation we move much closer to realising our dreams. Attending a class is highly beneficial to receiving tips and new techniques that you can take-away and practice at home.

Good luck, be happy and stress-free!



“I have been lucky enough to have Jo in my life for around two years. No one else could possibly make me brave the cold in order to attend any other class. Jo has a very subtle way of helping me push myself further and try the more difficult poses I usually tell myself I can’t do. I always leave class feeling buoyant and looking forward to the next, and most importantly, I feel calmer. Jo’s calmness rubs off on you and she seems to have enough of it to share. She will also make you laugh and wish you too could do the splits while standing on your head!” Marie, Camden.

“Before I started meditation sessions with Jo I would find myself easily stressed, very anxious and generally never fully relaxed. From the very first class I felt the results! Every Monday evening Jo’s half hour sessions set me up for the week. I felt calmer, relaxed and more focused. I even lost those tired fatigue spells which I usually experienced mid week. Jo’s approach is great -she is a lovely soul, very personable and will work to your pace. Her influence in itself is so calming and she exudes an amazing aura! I would recommend her meditation to anyone.” Raina, Wood Green.

“I have attended Jo’s yoga and meditation classes and have always found her to be clear and sensitive to each person’s needs. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” Tony, Muswell Hill.

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