Online Meditation Course

10 week Online Meditation Course: Volume One


A ten week course which will provide you with a range of meditations to help create a new positive habit of meditating at home. With a daily practice of just five or ten minutes per day, you will notice huge positive shifts in all areas of your life. Learn how to become stress-free!



Product Description

Details: once signed up you will receive a weekly email from me with the link to that weeks meditation class, which you can listen to wherever you are. Then each subsequent week you will be emailed a new link for a total of 10 weeks.

It is my aim to make meditation more accessible as it will quite literally change your life for the better :) I put my personal and professional success down to the fact that i meditate everyday. And when my practice lapses i really notice it in everyday life: small struggles that are not usually there, and a mental fatigue that disappears as soon as i pick up my practice again.

Do have a look at my blogs that i have written about meditation. Click here for one called ‘UnLearning’, which talks about how we can quite literally rewire the brain from struggle to ease. And meditation is the quickest way of doing this!

Please meditate!! Honestly you will be amazed at how your relationships, health, work-life and home-life become easier and more enjoyable. Why not try this 10 week course for yourself and see if you agree with me!


…..for just £27 perhaps you are about to transform your life!