From Fear To Love - A Kundalini Serpent Healing Retreat

Friday 24th – Sunday 26th April

Join Kwali and her Serpents of wisdom for a deep dive into the Underworld, a soul journey to Source where we will explore our deeply hidden shadow aspects to transform the lower triangle energies into light and love.

Sharing a room for £400 per person
Solo occupancy £650




We will surrender our fears, doubts and insecurities by processing are unconscious darkness and transforming  it into love. Together in unity Consciousness we will rebirth into a higher version of ourselves. 

Just like “The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.” We will journey together out of the Gu (darkness) into the Ru (light).

The weekend will be filled with alchemical technology, Serpent healing, Ecstatic Dance, Cacao ceremonies , Sound Healing, mantra, meditation, Shakti Dance, fire ceremony, sadhana, sacred space, galactic astrology, delicious vegan food all grounded and integrated with the immensely powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga and Gong meditation.

Kwali Kumara (aka Hari Bhajan Kaur) invites you into a healing portal of ascension that will enable you to step fully into your personal power and sovereignty. 

Together we will practice an array of profoundly healing kriyas and meditations to rebirth into a new consciousness with the help of the serpents who carry the codes of transformation within every cell of their mystical being. 

Together we will unravel karmic debris and replace it with dharmic destiny. We will find the juice and the gems of life that will inspire new ways of thinking and feeling. 

This luxurious event will be held at the stunning Inner Guidance Retreat Centre in Lavenham, Suffolk that dedicated owners Jo and Dom de Rosa have turned into a sacred space of beauty and joy, surrounded by glorious grounds, relaxing   Landscapes and magical fairy gardens. 

You will be served three delicious gourmet vegan meals daily including a selection of the fresh produce grown on the land and lovingly harvested and prepared by our wholesome hosts. 

What to expect:

-Healthy freshly prepared organic vegan cuisine and juices to nourish your body and feed your soul. 

– Daily Kundalini Yoga, morning sadhana and meditation  classes to increase awareness, strengthen you body and return to your natural state of grace. 

– Serpent Healing Ceremony to release deeply ingrained fears and deepen your connection to spirit and the natural world. 

– Ecstatic Cacao Ceremony ( with Pixi Pete) to celebrate and open your heart centre, clearing deep seated blocks. 

-sharing circles and quiet time 

– Sound Medicine with gongs, drums, singing bowls and high vibration healing through the power of sacred sonics to integrate and crystallise your experience. 

– RebirthIng to free ancestral Karma and manifest quantum leaps.

– Fire Ceremony to cleanse, purify, release and activate. 

– Shakti Dance to liberate and awaken your creativity and spontaneity 

– Nature Spirit Walk to commune with Gaia and sew new seeds of positivity, peace and tranquility. 

-Luxurious rooms, hot tub & swimming pool 

– plenty of time with your tribe to connect, inspire and celebrate our oneness.

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