Light Of The Soul

Friday 17th – Sunday 19th July

Shamanic Practitioner Maren Lander invites you on a journey into your Subconscious, in Shamanism known as the Underworld or Inner World, where you learn to love every bit of yourself. 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”
– Rumi

Sharing a room for £400 per person
Solo occupancy £650




A Shamanic Retreat with Maren Lander – Hamaima

By journeying into the Inner World we may be faced with the darker aspects of ourselves caused by deep wounding, meet our demons, face our fears and dance with our ghosts. 

Through yogic practices, shamanic journeying, ceremonial work and sound healing Maren will lead you to discover those aspects of yourself that you have abandoned and disowned. 

You will learn that with your own unconditional love and compassion you can bring your wounded parts into the light and call back the abandoned fragments of your soul. 

You will have the opportunity to honour everything that has transpired in your life and reflect on the lessons learned with gratitude so that the “demons from the past” will stop haunting you. 

This retreat is for everyone who is ready to re-write their story from a more empowered place of loving awareness. 

No previous experience is required. 

What To Expect: 

  • Daily Spirit Yoga classes (Kundalini yoga inspired)
  • Sound Healing and Medicine Songs
  • Shamanic Cacao Ceremony 
  • Shamanic Journey 
  • Fire Ceremony 
  • Energy Healing 
  • Delicious Gourmet Vegan Food 
  • Luxury accommodation and beautiful grounds 
  • Hot tub and small pool 

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