3 Day Sober Rave Retreat

Friday 29th – Sunday 31st May

Morning Gloryville & Quantum Sobriety Presents:
3 Day Sober Rave Retreat


Saturday Day Pass for £150 per person
x30 tickets available

Twin Share Room for £400 per person
spaces available




What To Expect Over The Whole Weekend: 

  • Dance Connection Workshop led by Neil Greenwood, Founder of Morning Gloryville
  • Two Hour Kundalini Worshop led by Kwali Kumara
  • Cacao Ceremony led by Dominic De Rosa
  • Four Hour Rave led by a Morning Gloryville DJ
  • Rave Yoga led by Jo De Rosa
  • Gourmet Vegan and ‘Clean’ Meals 
  • Luxury Twin Sharing Accommodation
  • Stunning Grounds in Suffolk Countryside 
  • Hot Tub  
  • £400 For The Whole Weekend Inclusive

Saturday One-Day-Only Pass

Arrive at 9:30am and leave after dinner. Included in this ticket price:

  • Two Hour Kundalini Worshop led by Kwali Kumara
  • Cacao Ceremony led by Dominic De Rosa
  • Four Hour Rave led by a Morning Gloryville DJ
  • Gourmet Vegan and ‘Clean’ Lunch & Dinner 
  • Stunning Grounds in Suffolk Countryside 
  • £150 For The Day

Who Are Morning Gloryville?

Morning Gloryville is an immersive morning dance party. We are the pioneers of sober morning raving – responsible for bringing conscious clubbing to the world stage.

At Morning Gloryville we believe that vitality and wellness of heart, mind, body, and soul can raise one’s level of awareness of themselves, their community and the world we live in. Therefore, when we talk about consciousness we mean having greater clarity and awareness. When one’s consciousness is increased they live life with love, joy, purpose, vitality and wellness.


Cancellation Terms & Conditions

By paying you agree to the following terms and conditions: 
Payment Terms: The full balance is required to secure your place on the retreat. 
Cancellation Terms: Bookings can only be refunded eight weeks or more before the retreat, which allows enough time to offer your place to someone else. If we are not able to rebook your place, unfortunately we are unable to give you a refund. 


Old Skool Raving vs Conscious Raving
by Jo De Rosa

I think I’ll always be a raver at heart, attending my first rave in the summer of 1989 in a field somewhere in the English countryside. Back then the flyer would direct you to call a number at an allotted time to find the directions to the illegal party. A crowd of us would be packed in a phonebox but the line would be continually engaged, until finally you’d get through and this is when the teamwork really began; one on the phone shouting out the directions from the recorded message, everyone else trying to remember what was said. We were all stoned, young, carefree, and ready to lose ourselves in the music.
No one had a mobile phone
No one knew where they were going
We’d pile in the car once the pub kicked us out
Follow the instructions: M25, A12, B1070 etc
Soon at gone midnight there were only ravers on the road all following the same instructions, all waving at each other, music blaring from cars. There was one particular night that really stuck out for me, and I have since discovered that it was held not far from where I live now lol. I remember us parking the car on a random road and walking through woods; I had NO IDEA what to expect and we passed a terrace of houses with residents out in their pj’s not knowing what the hell was going on as masses of youngsters made their way towards the sound of deep booming bass. Excitement welled up in me and we all took an ecstasy tablet. Soon we saw the huge aircraft hanger, flashing lights, music, and thousands of people dancing. The police had no idea what to do, and couldn’t do anything to stop the rave, but I never saw ANY violence, or fighting, at this party or any other, it truly was the summer of love. Click here for a peak at the rave I describe above: https://youtu.be/-Izy1trNv1k)  
We were there well into the next day
It was magical watching the sun come up with thousands of others in harmony with each other, and I feel lucky to have experienced this.
However, times changed and the police shut down these illegal outdoor parties and we were forced into clubs. Ecstasy moved to cocaine and the whole vibe shifted; it was no longer about love for all, now it became a ‘me’ culture. Dungarees and kickers were discarded to make way for John Richmond, Versace and Moschino outfits; into the 1990s the summer of love was most definitely over.
I continued to party for a further 16 years; music being a huge part of the draw, along with the drugs. The photos I dug out shocked me; how thin I am in the first one, arms like sticks; the third one off my head on ecstasy and in the toilet to take more, and top right surprised me the most; how vacant I look. But I remember when in that state that checking out and withdrawing within was exactly WHY I enjoyed it so much; life becoming blurry. On reflection having spent thousands of hours since then meditating I can report that my practice takes me to that melting of reality point. And it makes me kind of sad looking back at the Jo of 15, 20 or 30 years ago; that she felt she had to take drugs to find that inner connection. However, I have no regrets for I am now grateful to have the reflection of experiencing both sides of the fence, and how blessed I feel to be exactly where I am today.
I remember beginning to search for ‘something’ in my 20s and in the mid 90s I found yoga and touched in on something within that once opened would continue to drive me to become more and more awake. I dropped regular cocaine use and cigarettes in 2006, the partying becoming rare. I struggled with alcohol until 2012 when something clicked and I dropped the battle with substances (there’s a whole story there which you can read on the Quantum Sobriety website). Life then became about service to others, rather than the hedonistic service to self that had been my reality thus far, and I set myself free.

One thing that never left me, however, was the music

I listen to deep dirty banging house music still, but now it’s in the context of my personal yoga practice or writing (I’m listening to it as I write this), and more recently sober conscious raving and ecstatic dance. For there is something that this music does; it connects me to my soul, my essence, who I really am; love, God, bliss, infinity.
There is an alignment to source energy that happens when certain music is played, and what I know now is that it is nothing to do with the drugs, the company, or the environment; and everything to do with connecting to divine oneness.
For me conscious partying is the colliding of worlds
The best of both
With no hangover
No health impact
A room full of awake people
A raising of global consciousness
The DJ feeling into the energy of the room, just as in the old days, but now from a standpoint of sobriety and spirituality
There just isn’t any comparison  

Sobriety is fun

~ and I can tell you there is no fun waking up feeling like shit and not remembering what you did the night before; who you fell out with, who you kissed/slept with, what you said, where you went, what you took/drank/snorted, and what you did to get what you got.
~ waking up fresh, proud, well rested, energised, uplifted, nourished and connected wins hands down. I have no regrets because my past has brought me to where I am today, and I can say that I’ve never been happier than I am right now.
And so I am super excited to announce that Morning Gloryville are partnering with Quantum Sobriety at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre for two events (at least) in 2020, and beyond: the Sober Rave Retreat mixes conscious partying with yoga, cacao, banging music, and FUN. Morning Gloryville are the London leaders in conscious clubbing and we know that our venue is the perfect place for them to hold a retreat, as an established sober venue holding monthly sobriety retreats and events. Links are below for the retreat, them, and us, and please do get in touch with your thoughts about Old Skool Raving vs Conscious Raving


Quantum Sobriety: quantumsobriety.com
Morning Gloryville: morninggloryville.com

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Payment Terms

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Cancellation Terms
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