Dom's Recipe eBook

Your Favourite Foods – Cooked The Clean Way

The very long awaited first recipe book from clean chef Dominic De Rosa.
In this ebook Dominic delivers the recipes for the signature dishes of Inner Guidance Retreat Centre.
If you’ve stayed at Inner Guidance then you are going to recognise these meals! And now you can easily replicate them at home.
All of the recipes contained in this book are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and alcohol-free. And by eliminating these foods from your diet you are going to feel more energised, lose weight, without feeling deprived or hungry. Doesn’t that sound good…



Mr and Mrs Clean

Aka: Dom and Jo invite you to join them in the clean-eating revolution, with their first recipe ebook.
The Inner Guidance philosophy is to still eat your favourite foods like pizza, fish and chips, ice cream, and chocolate but you change the ingredients slightly to make them guilt-free.
It’s time to ditch sugar, gluten, dairy and all processed foods (because they are making you sick, unhappy and holding you back from your potential excellence) and embrace life to the full!
Right this moment make the decision to live fully, have more energy, lose weight, shake off dis-ease, build your immune system and realise your full potential.


Now is the time, so what are you waiting for?

Eat Clean + Meditate + Exercise + Be Positive = A Happy and Healthy Life

Do you know what…you deserve it.
So do not settle for mediocre any longer; no more second best.

The thing is we are all perfect.
We’ve just been covered up with layers of conditioning, expectations, judgments and toxins.
And when we start to peel away these artificial filters we become more of US.
We start to reveal our true nature, tap into source energy, fully realise our potential and unveil the real us. This is your ticket to the REAL and WONDERFUL you that is just waiting to be unleashed!
Are you ready?

  • Clean Eating: Don’t put any more toxins into your body
  • Clean Mind: Meditation will rid the mind of mental toxins
  • Clean Body: Exercise will rid the body of physical toxins
  • Clean Attitude: Positivity will rid your whole being of toxins

BE the BEST you can be, and we are here to guide you along the way 🙂