Sobriety Rocks Retreat

Friday 8th – Sunday 10th May

This inspirational retreat is for you if you want to focus on health and wellbeing and freedom from addiction. You may be a mindful drinker, perhaps you have been sober for months, even years, or maybe you are sober curious but ultimately you have asked yourself the question

‘Would my life be better physically and emotionally without alcohol?’

And you know the answer is YES!


Sharing a room for £400 per person
Solo occupancy £650




Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew!


This retreat offers an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, and be inspired towards better health and wellbeing and motivated towards finding your purpose.


Have you


  • Woken up at 3am berating yourself for drinking too much?
  • Found yourself saying…I will only have one drink…only to find yourself finishing off the bottle?
  • Felt fearful that not drinking will isolate you from your friends?
  • Successfully stopped drinking, but then suddenly found yourself back at Day one?
  • Stopped drinking, but are still feeling unhealthy or overweight and out of sorts?
  • Completed an alcohol free challenge, but aren’t sure if you will go back to the booze?


In this retreat you can

  • Connect with others who have walked the same path
  • Have open conversations and discussions without any judgement
  • Discover ‘sober tool’s tips and inspiration
  • Question why you turned to alcohol and how you can ‘replace it’
  • Understand cravings, triggers and how to deal with emotions rather than ‘drowning your sorrows’ or numbing out
  • Learn simple therapeutic techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Get inspiration and support to make diet and lifestyle changes
  • Increase your self-esteem and learn to love yourself again
  • Set boundaries around relationships and put yourself first
  • Learn simple meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Look at your life through a different lens, are you clear on your purpose for 2020?


We’ve all been brainwashed into thinking ‘Sober = Bores’  In fact Sobriety Rocks!


‘I’m Janey Lee Grace and I used to wake up at 3 am hating myself for drinking too much, until the ‘wine witch’ came calling at 6pm the next day and it started all over again.  In 2018 I quit for ‘Dry January’ and never looked back. 

I had stopped before, but this time was different. Why? Because I became aware of a whole new world of possibility!

I saw that alcohol had been stealing my joy, and being sober made me brave!  I knew I needed emotional support, encouragement and the right nutrition and lifestyle advice to really make this behavioural change.

I started the podcast Alcohol Free Life and have been blessed with amazing guests, and I gave a TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew!  I’m trained in EFT and I’m an optimum health and wellbeing coach working with grey area drinkers to help them overcome the ‘alcohol obstacle’  I am the founder of The Sober Club which has inspirational online resources and a rocking community’.


What happens at the Sobriety Rocks Retreat

  • Informal trainings with Janey on….

How to Get the Buzz without the Booze, finding your ‘Big Why’

How to create your sober toolkit and ‘trouble shoot’ potential obstacles that may come up.

How EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique can be such a powerful tool to overcome cravings and ease stress and anxiety.

How to introduce simple healthy recipes, superfoods and happiness boosting supplements into your daily routine, as well as the lowdown on non-toxic personal care products.

How to set your intentions for 2020, include a ‘visioning’ session to focus on what you what for your life.

  • An opportunity to share with a like-minded intimate group, or relax, read, sit by the fire.
  • A Gong Meditation / Relaxation Evening (sound healing)
  • A Morning Cacao Ceremony
  • Healthy freshly prepared organic vegan cuisine and juices to nourish your body and feed your soul.
  • Time to take a walk into Lavenham or around the grounds, including the inspirational Labyrinth.
  • Experience yoga – even if you are new to this practice, this is an amazing opportunity to try harness your connection to body and mind
  • Participate in Guided Relaxation and Meditation to focus your mind and balance your emotional energy
  • Relax in the hot tub


If you want to celebrate your new life without alcohol, The Sobriety Rocks retreat will leave you feeling energised, inspired, motivated, supported and fired up to get the BUZZ without the BOOZE!


Details of the retreat

Arrive from 4pm on Friday 8th May and depart Sunday 10th May at 4pm.

  • All meals, accommodation and sessions are included during the weekend retreat.
  • Accommodation is in shared rooms or single rooms, and all meals are freshly prepared, high quality and vegan.
  • We have the whole retreat centre for our own exclusive use.

Janey Lee Grace is a presenter on BBC Radio 2, Uk Health radio and Hay House Radio, She is the author of five books on holistic living including the Number One Amazon best seller Imperfectly Natural Woman.  Janey runs and after ditching the booze and finding it was the missing piece of the ‘holistic jigsaw’ she runs



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Share A Room, Solo Occupancy