The SELF Project

An Online Course For People Pleasers
Looking To Gracefully Step Into Their Power

Auspiciously LAUNCHED on 08/08/19
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It’s time to be fully you via:
SELF – Awareness
SELF – Forgiveness
SELF – Confidence
SELF – Validation
Like an acorn has the potential to be an oak tree, we will create over the next four months the most suitable conditions for you to come into alignment. We’ll water your dreams, feed your soul, and bring light back into your life. You will no longer feel the need to please others at your own expense, instead learn how to step fully into your own power.
You’ll have access to The SELF Project private Facebook group; a community where you can be you, without fear of judgement, and learn how to believe in your own SELF worth.



I’ve always tried to be everything to everyone
Perhaps you too have an empathic heart
The problem is that each time we stray from our own truth to please another, we give a little piece of us away, ending up empty of our true selves. 
We ask, 
“Who am I?”
“Who have I become?”
For we have gotten lost in the wilderness of disempowering ourselves and it is time, via this course and community, to find the deepest sense of SELF and a life so joyfully lived in coherence that you will look back and hardly recognise the diluted you that you had become. 
I deliver this course based purely on direct experience; nothing is added that I haven’t first tested out on mySELF, and everything contained therein is part of my own story. My purpose in life is to witness people in alignment, and that is where we are going my friend; into alignment with your highest purpose, whatever that may be.  
So if you are ready for that, if the words above create excitement and there is a ‘yes’ that rises up from your heart then please honour that calling and invest in yourself. If you commit to these four months of meditations, exercises and community then I can assure you will feel quite different about yourself; you’ll feel much surer about saying ‘no’ to something that does not resonate with you, and will gracefully and effortlessly be true to who you really are.

The SELF Project: Alignment

I felt so out of place growing up, as I didn’t know how to get in alignment (let alone even know what it was!), so I tried to fit into other people’s expectations


The SELF Project: Truth

“The problem is that each time we stray from our own truth to please another, we give a little piece of us away, ending up empty of our true selves.”


The SELF Project: Rudeness

“Is ‘rudeness’ on the other side of people pleasing?”


The SELF Project: Worry

“What is on the other side of worry? BLISS Want some?”


The SELF Project: Control

“Are you managing your environment to feel safe and fit in? Are you managing others so that you feel comfortable.”


The SELF Project: Self-Sourced

“Can you give the need for anything/everything away and trust what remains?” This is the foundation of my new online programme, based on meditation, for people pleasers looking to gracefully step into their power. Ultimately when you are self-sourced and find INNER confidence, INNER belief, and INNER validation then there no longer is a need to look outside of yourself for these things 😍 The SELF Project launches today, on the Lion’s Gate, in fact the first email has just gone out to those that pre-ordered! There is no better day, energetically, to make a new commitment; when the veil between your ‘old’ and ‘new’ life is at its thinnest, and it is easiest to make a leap of faith towards your highest reality 🦁 You will receive two meditations upon sign-up, and new monthly meditations over a four month period, monthly exercises, and a private Facebook group to connect with others on a similar path 👫 If you become the five people you spend the most time with, then you must find your ‘tribe’ and share your time and energy with those that lift you up and are on a similar path / already where you wish to be 🤩 It is my absolute pleasure and delight to share the energy of: SELF – Awareness SELF – Forgivess SELF – Confidence SELF – Validation And support anyone wishing to leave behind their opposites once and for 🙏

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