Restorative Yoga

with Serena Boyce 

Restorative Yoga at Inner Guidance

Restorative Yoga at Inner Guidance

Serena is teaching on Mondays at 4.30pm when our Mini-Retreat runs.


We are now offering a completely different yoga class on a Monday evening so that our Mid-Week Mini-Retreat guests have a variety of classes during their stay. Serena’s teaching style very much compliments Jo’s, and everyone here at the retreat centre loves taking Serena’s class.

Restorative Yoga is growing in popularity as more and more individuals discover the wonderful benefits of constructive rest. The postures are taken from traditional yoga asana but helped with a variety of props including cushions, blankets and blocks.
This is very much a passive, but none the less challenging, type of yoga where postures are held for around 6-8 minutes.
This allows deep tissue symptoms to release enabling increased circulation in the joints, in turn improving flexibility.
And most importantly stimulating relaxation throughout the body. 
Students can expect to experience 5 to 6 postures in a session alongside breath awareness and pranayama.
Can you surrender into the posture completely?

We will be holding restorative yoga when we have a Mini-Retreat running. However, from time to time Serena will be holding classes just for locals and if you’d like to add your contact details to our locals newsletter then we can get this information to you when the dates are announced. CLICK HERE to join over 160 locals already on this list.

Serena Boyce

Serena Boyce

Serena says, “I have been practicing yoga for 20 years (Ashtanga, Flow, Hatha, Power and Hot Yoga) and 2 years ago I took the plunge and qualified as an instructor. I am really enthusiastic about sharing the wonderful benefits of yoga at all levels and like to pay particular attention to help students attain their individual best regardless of ability or previous experience. My classes are suitable for all levels and can be tailored accordingly.

The Monday evening class is at 4.30pm – 6pm and costs £12
Please BOOK YOUR PLACE by clicking here, as there is a maximum of 12 people per class and these classes are very popular!

You can click here to join our locals list to find out the exact dates that Serena is teaching at Inner Guidance.

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