We all find a class that we really enjoy but for some reason we miss a class or two, which then leads to a few more missed,

and before we know it we don’t know how to get ourselves back.
FEBRUARY is get-yourself-back-to-class month and if you are a returning client, you get a discount on your first class back!
Meditation group classes at Inner Guidance Studio – first class back free
Yoga semi-private classes at Inner Guidance Studio – first class back £7.50 = half price
Yoga private sessions at Inner Guidance Studio – first class back is £25 = half price
Below is an account of Sam’s experience this January that she would like to share with you, which will hopefully help you get back to your favourite weekly class:

“I found it really difficult to get my head in the right frame and return to your studio- even after all my other day-to-day events had returned to relevant normality . Yoga was the last thing to click back in to place  and I confess to having not looked after my practice during the break at all.
The mind block I had even walking towards your studio was like walking through treacle . But as soon as I sat in front of you I knew I had done the right thing. By the end of our session I could feel how twisted and tense I had been , how off centre I had allowed myself to stray . I’m so pleased I pushed past the block and made my way back to your yoga studio and my one hour a week I have for myself.
Thanks for your patience, I look forward to our work in 2012.”

Thank you for sharing Sam!! xxx