As we step into a new age we have to expect to not only act, speak and feel differently, but to begin to create new ways of being in the world. One of these is realising that financial gain or celebrity status no longer resonates as ‘successful’, and you’ll begin to see many step away from the limelight and find more authentic ways of being. If you take someone who believes that they have to be in the newspaper, and the publics mind, all the time to be ‘successful’ then that person has to continually be in:

PUSH energy = masculine = the old paradigm

This way of living will become more and more difficult to maintain, and feel less and less in alignment with truth energy. Those on this path will feel increasingly ‘off’ and experience ever diminishing contentment. For we are now entering an entirely altered dimension where:

TRUST is the currency = feminine = new paradigm

It’s the opposite energy, trust receives, trust is open, trust is gentle
I’ve talked for the last few weeks on some livestreams about dropping the connection to the word ‘entrepreneur’; because the push has gone and I am no longer driven by any kind of material success.

Today’s blog follows on from a recent one ‘The How Is In The Head’, and how the answers to our biggest questions come from a much deeper place within us than our thoughts and mind.

And if we don’t see what we wish to on the outside of us, then how can we go in, how can we find what we are externally looking for; within ourselves.

It’s up to us
To create what is trying to birth at this time
Some are ahead of the pack and want to see it now in the mainstream
But the old ways take their time as they die off
And we must not be disheartened discouraged dismayed
For this process has to happen
For us to clear the way for something that we’ve never seen, heard, felt, experienced before to rise

And I have an exercise for you
Something that I am myself doing moment to moment
And what I notice is that when I truly trust the outcome is better than I could ever have imagined if I ‘try’ and ‘push’ and ‘predict’ some ‘result’ I have fixated in my head
For how on earth can I foresee magic?
Magic doesn’t come from the head, so we need to let go of control and drop into its opposite; TRUST
Try this exercise and see
And let me know how your life shifts…