How To Run A Retreat

~ a weekend experience

Date to be confirmed

Have you run a retreat yet? Or perhaps you have and you’re looking for some tips to make it even better next time?

If the answer is that you haven’t taken this step yet then you should really start to think about how a retreat can give you the following:

1.  Elevate you as an expert
2.  Allow you to go deeper with your clients
3.  Position you at the top of your game
4.  Get to know your clients on a more personal level
5.  Give you a wonderful weekend away from the daily grind

Over the course of the weekend we will be covering the following:

Join us for a weekend experience and gain the confidence to run your first retreat.

For more information on renting the house for your next retreat please contact the office and we can send you out our full rental information pack with the costings and options for hiring our amazing house.
Tel:  +44 (0)1787 249798

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