Wobbly Room

I’m hoping you have already guessed why this room has been named as it has. And it’s a good job there’s no alcohol on site as this room has a very steep slant to it!

We think this room has the warmest, cosiest vibe to it with two beamed walls and an inset where the sofa resides. Relax, unwind, and watch for our resident buzzards who are nesting in the trees outside the Wobbly room.

Possibly the most character-ful room (after Character room), I wonder who has laid their heads in this space across the vastness of the last 500 years? Can you imagine what life was like then, when the house was built? Let your mind and imagination run free as you let go of your everyday worries, and whilst you catch up on some sleep in the huge superkingsize bed (or 2 singles should you be just friends).

The West Wing has a gorgeous bathroom with shower, window overlooking the gardens (to enjoy whilst you brush your teeth) and the huge sunken bath with 3 taps!

This is the only bathroom with it’s own immersion tank so you get the luxury of a potential bath at any moment, and with the gorgeous Arbonne toiletries on tap you can bubble away to your hearts content.

NB that during Inner Guidance in-house retreats (Mid-Week Mini-Retreat and Next Level Living Retreat) only one of these rooms will be in operation and your room will therefore be en suite.

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